Global Alliances & Partnerships

I-Sec aims to have robust strategic collaborations with companies across sectors from across the Globe. Also, I-Sec, is now expanding this platform for Global Strategic Collaboration Network (GSCN) and where in there are companies collaborating with us strategically.

With I-Sec, being the powerhouse of such deep technology and development, together we envision to develop a large scale sustainable collaboration across the country, with its presence and impact across South East Asia.

Having partnered with various Governments, Corporates, Technologies, Institutional Funds, Institutions, Academia, Start ups, I-Sec values its partnerships across the globe with a firm believe that partnerships strengthen each other and integrations supports and impacts communities and growth curve.

Over the years, I-Sec has partnered with the established players and pioneers in the sectors of disruptive and emerging technologies across the globe, primarily focusing on Israel and Europe.

I-Sec adopts a flexible approach to each project that allows it to fully address, integrate, and manage the needs of each client’s critical assets and systems. From the initial needs assessment through to on-going operations and maintenance, I-Sec provides innovative solutions that meet every client’s requirements and ensure an optimal final delivery.
The company prides itself on its ability to provide knowledge-based, client-oriented solutions while constantly innovating to meet the challenges of the fast-paced modern world, in partnership with global players.

One of our key strengths has always been our ability to build excellent working relationships with our clients and partners. With our partners we started out in the implementation and deployment of the technologies including training domain, leveraging our experience to offer comprehensive programs and courses to technical and operational personnel. As demand for our services increased, we began to expand into new areas; creating specialist teams to manage each sector and taking on progressively more complex and challenging projects.

Throughout this process, we never lost track of original goal: to provide our clients with the best possible services by offering both superior quality deliverables and ongoing support and guidance. We continued to invest in and develop our relationship with our customers; establishing footprints in every country we operated in to ensure the continuing success of each project. In the meantime, we built strategic relations with key partners and suppliers around the world; staying abreast of the latest technologies and industry developments to hone and refine our offering.

I-Sec envisions to build one of the largest conglomerate of ideas, technology and people for building a more strengthened and resilient organisation in the space of emerging technologies.
Emerging Technologies are the future. Implementation of the best solutions and the opti-misation of the technology interface incorporation the best global practices, to enable digital breakthroughs. Ease of operations to be developed with more data and self learning tech to be able to let organisations focus more on business expansion locally and globally, monitor and man-age rather than day to day operations. We are a full stack of consulting, product engineering, Accelerated quality and test engineering, process consulting, innovation, operational efficiency enhancement, security and resilience, cloud and Big Data. To provide diverse range of services and consulting solutions for the dynamic and ever changing environments. As technologies keep evolving, our services keep evolving with it. We encourage the clients and the potential partners to be early adapters of technology and overcome obsolescence.