Our Story

I-Sec Security Services, India has grown into a company that creates, incubates and explores new businesses. Identifies ideas with the potential to disrupt markets, technology, leveraging years of expertise, resources, and experience to grow successful companies through collaboration and knowledge sharing. I-Sec combines consultancy along with technology sharing and strategic advisory in the specific sector for the development and integration.

I-Sec is an aggregator of technologies from world-wide across sectors in Consulting, Investments, Technology, Strategy and Innovation, Defense, Risk Management and security.

I-Sec believes that with an objective to collaborate and accelerate progress towards a digital economy through digital transformation goals and to shape a holistic digital future that is sustainable and inclusive, our objective becomes more comprehensive and strategic. This integrated and technologies with global standards, requires dynamic stakeholders to build and foster institutions that meet the challenges of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT across sectors of resilience and security, defence, cybersecurity and help to mitigate risks across our shared networks, shared borders and territories including internal securities.

State Governments, Central Government, Agencies, Public Sector Undertakings, Corporates and other relevant stakeholders have an obligation to provide security for their citizens and for the crit-ical infrastructures. The increasingly networked, digitized and connected world has enlarged as well as complicated that obligation. These changes have also created new obligations, shared among a variety of actors, from states to corporations to civil society and individuals. Also, other emerging technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence including Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, IoT (Internet of Things)

To meet this rapidly expanding obligation, leaders have taken a variety of approaches to securing their digital domains. These policies are shaped by their experience with the networked world and unique national objectives and vulnerabilities. For all their differences, however, these policy approaches to assuring security share a significant commonality: success depends on collaboration between the public and private sectors.

With I-Sec being the aggregator of such world class technologies, aims to drive the maximum benefits (i.e. job creation, innovation, incubation of diverse technologies, eco-system, reputation) to search, filter and present companies from Israel, Europe, USA, Russia, with proven technologies within the said armed forces, police, Ministry of Defence and others and leverage such networks for India and South East Asia.

With this strategic collaboration for creating India centric Technology, Intelligence, Know-how, we are looking at making India as the ‘key powerhouse of Intelligence and resilience’ which will strengthen the National Defense Mechanism.

The powerhouse of Intelligence shall be based on two components including technology and the people. The strategic alliance shall aim to build an ecosystem to develop and augment the inner capability and strengthen the workforce as Internal Security, Forensics, Information Security, Intelligence Analysts, Data Scientists and semantic engineers. This will make India as a hub of technological and digital transformation, as the unique provider of services across the country, across the sectors and a combination of technology, intelligence and trained professionals.